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Wedding and festive cakes

When selecting a ceremony cake it is necessary to prioritize which role your cake is about to perform and how long it should be exposed.
Besides the fillings the cake's appearance plays a vital role too. The look of the cake can be harmonized with the spirit of the wedding, to fit the wedding table, the flowers or the bride's dress.

Most wedding guests prefer lighter variation of filling, especially in summer time when a dessert is a pleasantly refreshing end of the feast. Due to the fact that there are no solidifying additives nor emulsifiers that hold the cake together, it is necessary to take several important elements into account. Generally spoken, the more juicy the cake is supposed to be the less appropriate it is to use sugar coating materials and food dyes.

Storage - always inform yourself in advance of the possibilities of storing the cake before serving. The cake should be stored in well-chilled and dry room.

Photo gallery of wedding and birthday cakes