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My philosophy is to serve patisserie in the purest sense. The very cornerstone is the quality of ingredients, knowledge of these ingredients and careful processing that guarantees the quality of taste and wholesomeness. The origin of ingredients, the conditions under which they were grown or processed as well as promotion and support of good quality products of small traders is also very important to me. The priority is to present my patisserie products in accordance with the original patisserie first Czech Republic rules - rules enshrined in the early 19th century - and with respect to today's hygiene requirements.

 In the menu you will find products from confectionery creams, French foams, Bavarian creams, ganache etc., as well as different types of corpora - from Geneva dough, biscuit jaconde, moelleux to brioche. No universal creams or dough!

Confectionery studio always uses the top quality and fresh ingredients for its products. I mainly draw inspiration in both traditional First Czech Republic patisseries and studies of French patisserie, in professional foreign seminars, courses and literature. French and Czech original recipes are very close to each other, creating a wonderful harmony of taste and aesthetic design of cakes, pastries and desserts.

 We use only high-quality raw materials in our products such as animal cream, butter, real chocolate of  Domori or Valrhona brands, real vanilla, pure puree and fresh fruits.

I never use solidifying additives, synthetic flavors nor vegetable fats. 

For pastry I use regional resources and other products from farms.

Confectionery products can be modified to different types of food allergies and sensitivity to different types of ingredients. I commonly exclude all preservatives and emulsifiers. I try to minimize the use of food dyes and when possible i prefer natural dyes such as beets, carrots etc.

Of course, cakes can be made gluten-free as well as diabetic-friendly with reduced glycemic index, without the use of synthetic sweeteners. In both cases, I come out of my personal experience and proven recipes.


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Chocolatier, pattissier a lektor Lucie Průšová

cukrarske-studio-lektorPatisserie production is focused on since 2000. I specialize in festive cakes, desserts, cakes, especially wedding and birthday of specific, high-quality ingredients and original pastry decorations. For my experience I have visited not only for luxury confectionery establishments and world competitions (regional member of the Prague kuchařskoho and confectionary team), but also abroad, especially France, the cradle of confectionery production. I follow modern global trends and naštěvuji world famous confectionary exhibitions and fairs. Thanks to many years of practice, I confectionery in 2007 began to operate pastry courses.