Patisserie production and courses

Cakes, desserts and chocolate

Pettit-fours, desserts and macaroons

Basic menu

  • Almond cream puffs with coconut - naturally gluten-free ingredients
  • Cream puffs with seasonal fruit
  • Millefeuille - a dessert of puff pastry and vanilla cream (egg yolks, Maizena, sugar, cream, vanilla, butter, Italian meringue)
  • Financiers - small tarts with almond/coconut - gluten free ingredients on demand
  • Punch carrot cake, pastry cream - cream, egg yolks, vanilla, sugar, Maizena - gluten-free ingredients on demand


Tarteletes - cupcakes


  • lemon
  • nuts in caramel
  • cranberry with creme fraiche
  • with chocolate cream Domori 72%


Canapes - cups


  • variations of fruit foams and Bavarian creams
  • according to season


Macarons - according to the season and the current daily offer


  • Tahitian vanilla
  • Cinnamon caramel
  • Pistachios from the right Pistachio Gianduji (no additive flavors)
  • Chocolate - Chuao Domori from Criollo cocoa beans 75%
  • Raspberry
  • Blackcurrant
  • Raspberry
  • Passionflower
  • Sea Buckthorn


And more due to your specific requests


Allergens: cereals containing gluten, eggs, milk, tree nuts, sesame

Photos of patisserie work – desserts, petits fours